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2021 Quantum Leap by Sibyl Star


The nature of reality as we know it is changing. We are taking a big leap into the Age of Aquarius in 2021, although the launching pad is on Winter Solstice of 2020 with what is known as the Aquarian Pivot Point or Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The ancients knew the old axiom “As above, so below” as a major truth. People have always looked to the stars for guidance and it is no different now. Join me as I share the astrological events of 2021 and how the movement of planets among the stars illuminate our path. This beautiful dance of planetary energies creates patterns to help us understand ourselves and our Universe. They will guide us into the future and into the Aquarian Age. The astrology of 2021 will help us understand our world in terms of quantum physics, that everything is energy, and to align our minds to our hearts. In the Age of Aquarius, the heart will lead the way and 2021 is a quantum leap into the creation of a new world.

Session Takeaways

  • Astrology as guide or map
  • Energy shift of Great Conjunction on Winter Solstice
  • Meaning of the Aquarian Age
  • Quantum reality- how we create our world in every moment
  • What it means to lead by the heart


Special Event: Aquarius Star Portal: Gateway to the New Age.

A new energy portal will open on Dec 21, 2020, with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, also known as the “Great Conjunction”. These two planetary energies will be coming together at 0 degrees of Aquarius which some are calling the Aquarius Pivot Point on that day.

Join me as we usher in the Age of Aquarius with some powerful teachings and meditation to activate our personal and planetary heart chakra.

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About Sybil Star

Sybil Star
Evolutionary Astrologer

Like the Sibyls, the prophetic priestesses of ancient Greece who foretold the future through visions, the stars speak to Rev. Sibyl through the symbolic language of Astrology. Astrology is the study of the movement of planets and fixed stars through the heavens. It is an eternal language of light.

Sibyl has a thriving astrological counseling business. Through her channeling of the Star Nations, combined with many years of astrological study, she is able to assist her clients in navigating these turbulent times. Sibyl believes astrology holds the key to self-understanding and a map that guides us to self-realization and happiness.

Rev. Sibyl’s bi-monthly video forecast is followed by tens of thousands of viewers. She maintains an active “Star Nation Oracle Blog” and creates videos of current astrological events. You can subscribe to her videos on her YouTube Channel, Sibyl Star. She also participates bi-monthly in a radio blog called “Political Star Talk” on 3rd Eye Radio at