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Being NICE Sells by Denise Mann



There are four pillars of sales behaviours that are essential for professionals to lead themselves and their teams.

NICE is an easy and effective way to instill the tenets of how to engage with a customer that moves both parties to a successful result.

  • Now = Presence, how to put everything aside except for what’s happening there and then. Support your team to learn how to listen mindfully.
  • Interested = Curious, generally want to learn about the customer, the person, their individual and business objectives, and they are measured.
  • Conviction = Belief, articulate the why you and your organization are the right people to collaborate and trust to deliver.
  • Enrollment = Connect what you have to offer to what they need in a way that’s demonstrating the unique value that you and your organization bring to the organization.

Session Takeaways

  • How to master the art of influence and enrolment.
  • Be relatable and earn liking and respect easily.
  • Listen and Express using the NICE principles.


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About Denise Mann

Denise Mann
Origin of Wisdom

Denise joined Origin of Wisdom as an advisor in 2019 and stepped into the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2020. As a perennial learner who experienced measurable results since attending the SEEDS Leadership in 2018 and Facilitators Development Program in 2019, Denise knew she wanted to lead the growth of this unique personal and professional development business and support her customer’s success through such programs as Origin of Wisdom’s Signature SEEDS Leadership for Business.

She has held various business development and leadership roles in Information and Communication Technology for more than 20 years and has supported customers across both public and private sectors, all verticals and from small business to enterprise. Recognized as a servant leader with an ability to build and leverage business relationships while having fun, Denise’s success is attributed to being an enthusiastic student of her customers and the business value she brings in support of their business objectives.

Denise grew up in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario and moved to Vancouver in 1995 following 10 years in Toronto. She studied Psychology and Criminal Justice at Lake Superior State University. Denise loves time in nature, time with family and friends, time traveling and time on her bicycle.