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Building a Care First World by World Finance Initiative Panelists


A threshold crossing experience in our relationship to money. We explore the shift from a Money First to a Care First attitude.

In Care First, money serves the well-being of people and the planet and is not used at its expense (Money First).

  1. What does Care First mean to us?
  2. What do we think its application can do for our world as a whole?
  3. How can we shift from a Money First to a Care First world?
  4. What is needed to do this, individually, locally, nationally, and internationally?

Meet The Panelists

Louis Bohtlingk (Dutch) at present living near Findhorn, facilitates the shift from a Money First World to a Care First attitude worldwide. He runs a workshop Meeting the Mystery of Money since 2004, which addresses our relationship with money on a deeply experiential level, assisting us to move from fear to trust and from a victimised to an empowered experience in our dealings with money.

Steve Schueth (USA) is a nationally recognised authority, consultant, and resource to the Sustainable, Responsible, Impact investment industry. He has been deeply supportive of Care First since 2001. Co-founder of Future Capital.

Patricia Klauer (Mexico), entrepreneur and Data Strategy consultant. Co-founder of Future Capital.

Maurits Hoenders (Netherlands) works as trainer and coach for the Professional Honour Foundation and The Firemakers. His goal is to inspire (young) public professionals to connect to their purpose and do good work. Operational Team of WeWorldwide/Care First.

Karen McAilister, (Canada) Money Coach and Board Chair & Director of Fund Development of Clear Sky Meditation Centre in British Columbia.

Saskia Bussink (Netherlands) is a business coach and a UK property investor. As an entrepreneur, she helps 50+ women to grow their business.
Her mission is to inspire others to live their best potential and earn a proper amount of money in a friendly way.