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Enacting The Heart of Humanity by Dr Rama Mani


This session invites women leaders to envision, enact, and manifest the individual and collective future we know is in the best interest of ourselves, our shared humanity, and our planet Earth.

Drawing on the Theatre of Transformation Methodology developed at the Enacting Global Transformation Programme at the University of Oxford, by Dr. Rama Mani, this session engages us powerfully with a combination of storytelling, poetry, testimony, and narrative, studded with transformative exercises and life-skills, to tap into our unique creative code as women leaders.

This session, ‘Enacting the heARTh of humanity’, embarks us all on an enlivening quest to rediscover our true humanity and reclaim the art of being fully human, in these times of unprecedented turmoil and uncertainty we are all traversing. Each of us is coded with our unique artistry, our innate power of creativity. While this is always accessible to us, it is in such times of personal and collective crisis that we are called to open our hearts to reclaim this code, and unlock the mystery of why we are here and what each of us is called to be and do individually and collectively to tide us through this time of transition.

We are all aware that we are living through a time that requires a new kind of leadership from each of us. It requires leadership that embodies our true ‘humanity’. Such leadership requires a ‘humanity’ that is embedded in the ‘unity’ between all humans and all forms of life. Such leadership is not just competency but an art; it is a fine art that is both enshrined in the heart and deeply rooted in Earth.

Women are now called to live out their true calling and lead us beyond our divisive past towards a just, inclusive and regenerative future. Women leaders in all sectors of society are especially attuned to be the leaders that our times need to creatively, compassionately, and courageously craft humanity’s collective path through this time of turbulent change.

This session is specially designed for such leaders and is tailormade for the women leaders attending the LUMINATE 2020 session. This session invites women leaders to develop our creative Leadership Manifesto – and to manifest it, for ourselves and for our world.

Session Takeaways

  • Understanding my special place and role as a woman leader in this time of turbulence and change.
  • Gaining the inner clarity, confidence, and creative courage to envision and enact the individual and collective future I/we aspire for – a world that is a true ‘home for all humanity, in unity with all life’.
  • Coming home to my own humanity, reconnecting deeply with and feeling grounded in my connection to the Earth, and to my own heart, spirit, mind, and body.
  • Rediscovering the ‘unity’ embedded within humanity – within me, between us, and with all life
  • Composing my own Manifesto and believing in my leadership capacity to enact and manifest it.
  • Powerful short exercises, enactments, practices, and skills for daily use to stay connected to me, to my source of inner power, and to the Earth that sustains us.


Free 20 minute mentoring calls to FIVE highly motivated women leaders committed to pursue this 'Humanity Quest' further to develop and manifest their unique leadership artistry. Everyone interested is invited to write to me:

copied to Menna:

who will confirm and schedule the calls with me. Ditto: Also everyone interested in the joint co-mentoring call should also write directly to Menna who will confirm and schedule the call for us. * A joint co-mentoring call of 45 minutes for all those committed to continue as a collective with this Humanity Quest to become Women Leaders who co-create a just, inclusive and regenerative future for all life. * Invitation to stay connected and participate in on site and online transformative leadership programmes, seminars and future Humanity Quests.

About Dr. Rama Mani

Theatre of Transformation Academy and Home for Humanity

Dr. Rama Mani is a peacebuilder, poet and performance artist whose life, work and art are devoted to human and global transformation. She received the Peter Becker Peace Prize in 2013 in Germany, The Excellence in Leadership Award of the Global Thinkers Forum in the UK in 2018, and the Visioneers’ International Network’s ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in Canada in 2020.

Dr. Rama Mani is the Founder of Theatre of Transformation Academy, whose purpose is to champion and support the creative power of humanity to shape our shared future.

She is the Convenor of the Enacting Global Transformation Collaborative Initiative at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies, which seeks to redefine paradigms of power and shape creative and humane responses to global crises. Both initiatives are grounded in the Theatre of Transformation artform and methodology, developed collaboratively by Rama based on her 30 years of high-profile and grassroots experience worldwide in global peace, justice, leadership and governance. All Rama’s programmes create circles of solidarity between diverse people and cultures, raise funds for the Academy’s peace missions, and support the Academy’s grassroots partners in crisis countries.

Home for Humanity was co-founded jointly by Rama and her husband, Professor Alexander Schieffer, Founder of Trans4m Centre for Integral Development, fusing the powerful transformative methodologies of Theatre of Transformation and Trans4m’s Integral Worlds Approach. Home for Humanity’s mission is to nurture the potential of each individual, each home and each organization to be a launchpad for human, societal and planetary transformation, and its vision is to transform our divided world into a united home for the Earth family. Home for Humanity was awarded the Visioneers’ International Network’s ‘Project of Excellence Award’ in Canada in 2020.

With Prof. Jean Houston and Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Rama was the Co-Founder of Rising Women Rising World, a global group of women leaders who aimed to ‘co-create a world that works for all’.
Rama is a Councilor of the World Future Council which protects the rights of future generations and awards the Future Policy Awards. She was a Jury member and Senior Advisor of the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ or Right Livelihood Award.

Rama was formerly Executive Director of the International Centre for Ethnic Studies in Sri Lanka, Director of the Global Peace and Security Course for decision-makers at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Oxfam’s Africa Strategy Manager for Africa-wide conflicts, and Senior External Relations Officer to the Commission on Global Governance.

Rama has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Cambridge, UK, an M.A. in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University, USA, and a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College USA in Politics and French Literature. She is a French national and an Indian Overseas Citizen.