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Harness Vitality with Nature by Jennifer Payeur


The ‘art’ of SELF. What truly is self-care?

  • Definition of self-love
  • Definition of self-care
  • Definition of self-sacrifice

Balance – body/mind/spirit

  • Definition and interpretation
  • We often focus only on the physical…this throws us out of balance

Self-care is an inside job

  • When out of balance, 2×4 (health issue, loss of something…)

Nature is our biggest teacher and support. What can we learn from nature?”

Session Takeaways

  • Practices and tools to self-care on all dimensions (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical)
  • How to connect with nature to come into balance and thrive
  • How to find joy no matter what happens in your life or around you

About Jennifer Payeur

Jennifer Payeur
Founder and President
Ancient Plant Wisdom, LLC and PSC Nature Provides

Jennifer’s vision is collaborating with nature to empower individuals to discover and live from their own true nature/soul’s calling. By empowering individuals to live from their authentic, conscious self, humanity, and mother earth thrive together.