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Do you want to write a book you’re proud of, quickly? Or maybe finally finish the one you started? 43 days. That’s all it took for Robb to write the first draft of his bestselling book. In this session he’ll share everything he did to get his book written in less than a month and a half. You’re not interested in writing a book? Everything in this workshop could be easily applied to completing any creative project you’d be proud of in record time.

Session Takeaways

  • Exactly what you need to get crystal clear on to make your entire book writing process easier.
  • The five ways to leverage intentional focus so you get way more written in less time.
  • The simple approaches to ditch writer’s block so you never end up being stuck again.
  • How to figure out what part of the process you need help with so you can write a book that you’re proud of and that people actually buy + read.

About Robb Gilbear

Robb Gilbear
Growth Habit

Robb’s journey hasn’t been your typical one. He started his first business as a teenager, has done cubicle time in big multinationals, toured from coast to coast as a DJ, and spent half a decade as a People & Culture leader in award-winning tech companies before launching his company Growth Habit.

Through it all, he’s been driven by the desire to understand what makes businesses thrive regardless of the market conditions and what truly makes people more confident, joyful, and impactful.

He’s the author of the bestselling book “”Die Before They Do”” and has helped more than 150 entrepreneurs from countries around the world launch and grow their businesses since 2019. He is passionate about helping people create new realities for themselves, and works with coaches to help them define their unique value and message so clearly that they become magnetic to their Dream Clients.