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Life for many of us is a series of winning and losing, success and failure, happiness and disappointment. We all face many ups and downs in life; but if we know how to deal with them, we can go beyond ordinary and achieve success. When Mind, Body and Soul Come Together, People Can Create the Extraordinary!

Getting rich and successful is not all about hard work and non-stop efforts; perhaps you have come across people who actually work very hard but are not as successful as they should be! It is not always about long working hours!

But, what is surely needed is Energy!

Using the knowledge of subtle energies and thought power, we can achieve our business goals more effectively. In this session we will discuss about the important energy components to achieve success and how Prana World turned into a global recognized brand from a simple blog.

Session Takeaways

  • How to Live a Happy & Stress-Free Life
  • How to Achieve More Success Using The Principle of Subtle Energy
  • Importance of Our Thoughts in Co-Creating Our Future”

About Hengameh  Fazeli

Hengameh Fazeli
Prana World Lifestyle Centre

Co-founder of Prana World, Hengameh (PhD) is an architect and a Pranic Healing trainer. She has been practicing healing for more than a decade and has conducted healing and meditation classes in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines till date.

Hengameh’s love for healing and helping the community with Pranic Healing helped her to win the title of “Energy Healer of the Year 2020” in Malaysia. She is passionate about meditation and holistic therapy and believes through mindful practice we can bring back quality & joy into our modern world. She likes writing, painting and creative thinking and has published a number of books in the field of architecture and wellness. She also contributes articles to various well-known self-motivational websites and magazines, including Body Mind Soul, Life Hack and Pick the Brain.