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How To Create Your 90 Days Success Plan To Create a 7 Figure Business by Domingo Silvas



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About Domingo Silvas

Domingo Silvas
CEO, Founder
Scale 8UP

From humble beginnings to serial entrepreneur, this self-made man is an unstoppable force of nature in business. He built several companies from the ground up, one of which began with an idea written on a cocktail napkin and was sold for eight figures only a few years later. Domingo’s many endeavors have even reached out of this world success – in contracts with NASA for technology supporting manned space exploration.

Domingo credits a good portion of his success on his business principles. Over the years, as he was building these companies, he started to see a unique pattern most businesses follow. The understanding of every aspect of these principles from Idea to Exit helped him and other entrepreneurs he has worked with over the years to create successful growth strategies that can be systemized and duplicated. These principles then later evolved and are the foundation of what is known now as the Scale 8UP method.

Aside from his dedication to his family, Domingo continues to be involved in various enterprises, but he is most passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. In March 2020, when the world was faced with the unique and unprecedented circumstances surrounding the global pandemic, Domingo created The Stimulus Summit, a free, quarterly virtual event with the intention to impact 100,000 entrepreneurs by providing valuable and actionable business strategies and insights from a wide array of global thought leaders.

On any given day, Domingo can be found somewhere in the world enthusiastically unleashing the potential entrepreneur in others through teaching, mentoring, and coaching, utilizing his trademarked systems for successfully building income and assets through business.

Domingo is a 100% experienced driven coach, who has worked with entrepreneurs in 6 continents.