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The ocean where all life comes from and our future depends on it as it is the climate controller. Yet we are destroying the ocean and compromising our future. We cannot wait on the sideline, so each of us can be proactive and invent, implement ocean-protecting activities. In this talk, Cesar will talk about oil spill, plastic, radioactivity, coral, oyster, solar and hydrogen production offshore. Our greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities if we have the courage to face them.

Session Takeaways

  • The state of the ocean.
  • Open science and open innovation.
  • How we can all make a difference?

About Cesar Jung Harada

Cesar Jung Harada
University of Hong Kong

Cesar Jung-Harada is a Senior Lecturer for the Design+ Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Programme. He teaches both technical and theoretical aspects of design with an emphasis on invention with social and environmental impact.

Cesar current research includes Impact Invention, Social Innovation, Critical and Speculative Design, ocean exploration and conservation technologies, creative community building.