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The Four Pillars to Building a Strong Business by Julian Noel


Speaking from 30 years of experience and having started multiple businesses, and coached and impacted hundreds of emerging business owners Julian will be sharing insights gleaned from raw and real experience.

Henry Ford, famously said, “Thinking is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why so few people do it”.

The essence and whole reason behind ‘thinking’ is to gain clarity. Clarity leads to power, the ability to take focused effective action.
Julian says there are 4 indispensable areas for a business to focus on.

Session Takeaways

  • Clarity.
  • Simple action steps to move you towards your trues desired outcomes.
  • An important lens to see where your business is at, and what you need to move it forward.
  • He will share the most important question an entrepreneur needs to ask.


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About Julian Noel


Julian Noel leads with passion and heart, and is an inspiration to those he collaborates with… he brings a sense of purpose to the way we live and interact as individuals, communities, and businesses.

Founder and Director, Holistic Services Group (Aust)Michael Stone

Julian Noel is a provocateur, entrepreneur, and catalyst for change. He asks big questions.

He is a Speaker, Writer, Educator, Facilitator, Coach, Event Designer, and facilitator, he is the founder of Shine, a global community of entrepreneurs and changemakers working towards creating a better world through business. Creator of Shine Events, gathering changemakers, making a difference

The past 27 years of his life has been involved with the world of business and entrepreneurship, his roots are in the arts, originally from New Zealand, he trained as an actor at one of Australia’s premier acting schools, and appeared on stage and screen before uncovering a passion for business.