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The main goal of every entrepreneur is to achieve success. Often that success is measured by the attainment of immense wealth. But what if we are to measure success not only by financial freedom but also by the feeling of accomplishment we derive from the kind of positive impact that enables others to rebuild their lives?

Session Takeaways

  • Who and what is a social entrepreneur
  • Why social entrepreneurship is the key to humanitarian efforts
  • From displaced to redeemed – the IDP Narrative
  • How we can all influence the phoenix effect

About Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I

Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I
Fortune Global Ventures

Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I is a multi-award-winning Queen from the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

She is a fearlessly vocal change advocate and has been invited globally to speak at major platforms on social and cultural topics, often educating, generating debate, and challenging entrenched thinking.

Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I is a key leader of the Global African community, holding positions with some of the strategic organisations pushing the agenda for Diaspora Cohesion and change across the continent. She is Matron of the Global Visionary Women Network and Founder of the Ten Talents Networks, promoting wholistic education by identifying and developing natural talent. SHE is also the first female President of the National Council of Ghanaian Unions UK/Ireland (NCGU)

A mother of two, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I is a born leader who lives her leadership by example based on the principles of courage, integrity, authenticity, humility, wisdom.

Dubbed ‘The Dynamic Queen’ this is a woman who is just as comfortable wandering through the corridors of power one day and the streets of some of the most deprived communities the next.